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We manufacture the Deceuninck profile system, widely regarded as one of the finest in the industry.

As standard our frames are of a fully welded construction, INTERNALLY GLAZED with 28mm sealed units. We use a decorative internal bead and the glass is held in place with a low line weatherseal, finished in grey which is virtually invisible when fitted. In the past, only Black gaskets were offered, which were unsightly and they often would shrink, leaving gaps at the corners of your windows. Our weatherseal is an integral part of the frame, welded at the corners so it cannot shrink and therefore provides an all round seal, improving the thermal performance of the window.

Our frames are reinforced with steel section for strength, and where possible we use a thermal chamber insulator to again, enhance thermal performance. The sealed units are made using a “low E” coated glass as standard, which reflects heat back into a room. This has been normal practice for some years now and our units are periodically tested to ensure quality of production and to achieve the required EN1279 standard.

Our locking mechanisms are insurance approved shoot-bolts for casement windows and multi-point locks for tilt & turn openers. You have two frame options, the Traditional 2500 suite or the Heritage 2800 suite.




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